Friday, March 26, 2010

Free video hosting

You Tube is a very popular free video hosting and video sharing site where you can find and watch thousands of streaming videos, as well as upload videos in almost any video format to tag and share with others (videos can be made public or private). Videos can be categorized, rated, tagged, and commented.
Registered members can upload an unlimited number of videos to, but there is an upload limit of 100 MB and 10 minutes in length per video file.
You can upload video file formats from most digital cameras, camcorders, and cell phones in the .AVI, .MOV, and .MPG file formats.
For high quality vidoes, YouTube recommends uploading videos in the MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) format resized to 320x240 resolution with MP3 audio.
Video files uploaded to the service are converted to Flash 8 format for online video streaming.
At the bottom of the page for every hosted video there is HTML source code to embed the video in a webpage, which you can use to make your embedded videos autoplay.
YouTube supports mobile video uploads.
You can choose to broadcast your uploaded videos publicly, or share them privately with selected friends and family.
Hosted videos remain on their servers until the users who uploaded them choose to remove them.

What is free hostig

Free website hosting is a type of web hosting service where you get free web space on their hosting server to create and host your web site free. 
Free web page hosting has several advantages, but mainly that it costs nothing. 
Free web site hosting services also often have several disadvantages such as limited webhosting features and forced ads. 
Usually in exchange for these free hosting services, the free web hosting company places advertisements on your free web pages of some sort (banners, textlinks, popups, etc.) to cover their costs, and hopefully make a profit. However there are some free website hosts that provide free bannerless hosting .

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The free website hosting service provider is the type of Internet hosting service provider that allows individuals andorganizations to provide their own free websites which accessible via the World Wide Web.
Web hosts are companies that provide web space on a server they own for use by their clients or their customers who hosted their website in the web server,and as well as providing Internet connectivity.
The following is the list of  free website hosting providers inside free hosting directory sorted by free web hosting rank.